Order Policy

By using this website, you expressly agree with the ordering policy provided herein. Under no circumstances shall AD, AD Marketplace, its representatives, or technology providers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from your ordering of products online from the AD Marketplace website. If you do not agree with this policy, or become dissatisfied with the AD Marketplace website or its content, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the website.
Questions About Your Order
AD Preferred Supplier should be contacted directly for any and all order inquiries related to product pricing and application, order status, delivery/pick-up, returns, product warranties, etc.
Issues related to the website and/or proper usage of the various technical features and functions provided herein, should be forwarded to the AD Marketplace Help Desk via e-mail: helpdesk@nxtstp.com or by phone at (571) 351-5505.
Order Checkout
During the order checkout process, you will be required to select/enter your shipping and billing address information. Product will only be billed to addresses which have been pre-registered with AD Marketplace.
Order Payment Methods
You will be invoiced by the AD Preferred Supplier through AD Marketplace for all orders placed. AD will receive a copy of your invoice from the AD Preferred Supplier. Payment terms are 15 Prox, meaning invoices dated 1st-15th are due last day of month, and invoices dated 16th – 31st are due the 15th of the following month. AD has a zero tolerance policy for past due A/R which requires distributors having payments past due are placed on “Credit Hold” until all payments are current.
All payments for AD Preferred Supplier shall be paid to the order of Affiliated Independent Distributors, Inc. (AD). Payments with an attached Remittance Advice should be transferred electronically or sent to:
Affiliated Independent Distributors, Inc.
500 East Swedesford Road
Wayne, PA 19087
Order Confirmation
AD Marketplace will attempt to send you an electronic order receipt to the e-mail address on file for your company. This process is necessary to help prevent online shopping fraud. We will also send an order receipt to the e-mail address entered during the checkout process.
Order Taxation Policy
AD Marketplace conducts business throughout the United States and collect & remit sales tax as required by state law. All sales taxes due shall be calculated on the website during the checkout process (i.e. credit card payment method) and added to the total order cost.
Product Availability Policy
All orders placed on AD Marketplace are subject to product availability and will be shipped when products become available. Online product availability and backorder status lookups will be provided when made available by the AD Preferred Supplier.
Returns & Refunds Policy
Each AD Preferred Supplier has established its own individual Returns & Refunds Policy. This can be found under the AD Preferred Supplier’s Program Information.